Bodyflow TherapyBodyflow® Therapy – Clinically Proven

Invented in the mid-nineties by Laurent Pujol a French Osteopath who had an interest in sports injuries and finding a way to naturally fast track recovery.

The scope of stimulation of smooth muscle has stemmed out to other research areas such as management of Lymphoedema and Diabetes.

With three clinical studies to scientifically back this technology, Bodyflow® will fast become one of the world's preferred methods of management of Lymphoedema, Injury Recovery and the gold standard in Sports Recovery.

The natural way to recover faster after:

Additional uses include:

Bodyflow® speeds up the removal of swelling or fluid and increases circulation allowing your body to recover faster. It is a clinically proven world-first electrotherapy specifically targeting smooth muscle found within veins, arteries and lymphatics, speeding up fluid drainage and increasing blood flow circulation.