Bodyflow TherapyBodyflow

How does it work?
Bodyflow® Therapy promotes and accelerates blood flow and lymphatic drainage throughout the body by its ability to stimulate the smooth muscle located within veins, arteries and lymphatic vessels. With the application of electrodes or suction caps to a particular body region and the use of a specific frequency, the patient will experience a mild tingling sensation and a minor twitching response to indicate the stimulating effect.

Retention of fluid, blood and toxins throughout the body which accumulates as a direct result of trauma, surgery, medications or medical conditions e.g. lymphoedema can lead to further irritation of the local tissues and lead to prolonged healing time. By stimulating the venous and lymphatic systems via the use of the Bodyflow Machine, excess fluid, blood and toxins within or around tissue can be encouraged towards the main drainage systems located within the trunk and finally detoxified and filtered within the kidneys, resulting in these toxins and bi-products eventually being passed in the urine.

What Bodyflow® Treats
Bodyflow® provides symptomatic relief to conditions that have resulted from fluid retention and poor circulation (blood flow) within the body.

Clinical trials have proven Bodyflow® effective for the treatment of:

Conditions that can be treated by Bodyflow® that benefit from increased lymphatic uptake and blood flow include: