Improve Sports Performance

Personal ownership of a portable device used in a proactive approach can greatly enhance sports performance. Similarly, a growing number of sporting teams are purchasing Bodyflow devices for each individual team player. The ideology being that one device per player allows that the entire team to gain a performance advantage when used as a proactive recovery tool. By only having a small number of devices would allow an effective reactive injury management tool, but ultimately miss out on the maximum desired benefit - Improved Sports Performance.

Pre Season Training
Returning to training after an end of season break can often be difficult, and more often than not, injuries prevail, particularly when attempting to return to a pre-break exercise routine. As peak physical conditioning requires continual training and stimulation of the body progressively over time, it is extremely important not to fall into the trap of training at the same pre-break intensity, frequency and duration. Whilst breaks to such a routine are important for rest and recovery, assuming that you can run the 100m sprint in the same time prior to the break as you can following a break can significantly increase the risk of an injury. As a result Bodyflow assists the athlete's body to more efficiently cope with a graduated return to exercise by reducing the post exercise muscle soreness that commonly results, hence improving the body's natural recovery time, and therefore allowing for a greater capacity to train and resume pre-break exercise routines within a shorter space of time.

Travelling - Reduce swelling and Promote Blood Flow
Pre & Post competition periods when travelling such as flying, can result with athlete's developing swelling or pooling around their lower limbs.

This result would be far from an ideal pre competition preparation with the potential to greatly impact on the athletes or a team's performance. Bodyflow can be used in a proactive way to assist in the prevention of travel related Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) or Venous Thrombosis (VT) when travelling.

During Competition
Professional football sporting organisations who have embraced the Bodyflow technology are now experimenting with usage during competition breaks (Half time) to decongest and refresh muscles. Feedback has been extremely positive from player case studies, suggesting a major impact on muscle cramp reduction and a freshening of their player's legs to run out the game, at a higher intensity.

Bodyflow is currently working with European cycling teams and riders to expand on this application and investigate further the aim of attaining a performance enhancing advantage without the use of drugs. The Tour De France is a three week event and the ability to use Bodyflow Technology pre and post daily competition to decongest muscle could potentially give teams and riders the winning advantage.

Post Competition Recovery
By reducing Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) and accelerating post competition and training recovery, athletes are able to recover faster and perform more efficiently during their next event/match particularly when competitions are over consecutive days. Over the course of a season this cumulative effect of recovery translates to athletes feeling fresher and minimizing the mid to late season state of fatigue and fitness, therefore preventing injury.