Injuries, Surgery and Rehabilitation

The use of Bodyflow® for acute injuries is essential. It assists with the healing, regeneration and repair of damaged tissues within the body by facilitating an increase in flow of nutrient rich blood to the affected areas. This in turn accelerates recovery time and therefore a more prompt return to work, sport and/or leisure activities.

In addition, the use of Bodyflow® post surgery is critical in helping to reduce the oedema/swelling which results. This is achieved by stimulating the lymphatic ducts and nodes to uptake the Lymphatic fluid surrounding the area via the Lymphatic system. As a result, time spent in hospital can often be reduced.

Bodyflow® as part of the rehabilitation process is extremely beneficial in helping to minimize any inflammation or swelling caused by the stretching, strengthening and loading of the area through exercise. This is achieved by the lymphatic systems ability to remove the toxins and fluid released. Additional benefits reside from the arterial blood promoted to the region, as it provides the oxygen and nutrients required to promote optimal tissue health and improved function.