What is Lymphoedema?
Bodyflow TherapyLymphoedema is the abnormal swelling of the superficial body tissues, most often the limbs. It is a result of failure of the lymphatic system to adequately collect and/or transport lymph. The resulting affected limb/s becoming swollen and painful. As a chronic condition with no cure, the estimated 160,000 Australians that sufferer from Lymphoedema need to manage their condition for the duration of their life.

Lymphoedema and Bodyflow®
Bodyflow® Therapy is a world leading technology for the management and treatment of Lymphoedema (fluid retention in limbs). A Clinical trial on the management of Lymphoedema by Professor Neil Piller found that stimulation of the lymphatic system using Bodyflow® Therapy encourages fluids and their contents to be flushed out of the spaces between the cells of the body (interstitium) in a treatment that only involves contact with the skin with special pads so Lymphoedema sufferers can get back to enjoying life.

Bodyflow® devices are available as both a clinical based larger device and a portable hand-held unit that provides an opportunity for those with Lymphoedema for self-treatment in the comfort of their own home.

These self administered treatments between that of professional treatment sessions enable Lymphoedema sufferers to better control and manage their problem at a time which is convenient to them. It also has the benefit of being able to help maintain reductions achieved at health professional administered sessions.

Clinical Trial – Professor Neil Piller
Professor Neil Piller a Lymphologist from Flinders Medical Centre in Adelaide, Australia has been conducting trials of Bodyflow® Therapy on Lymphoedema patients. With over 300 works published and presented, Professor Piller is one of the world's key researchers on the treatment, management and recognition of Lymphoedema.

In this trial, patients with long standing Lymphoedema of the legs were selected and offered treatment three times per week for 4 weeks with each treatment being of 30 minutes duration. Over the weekends and at the end of the trial, patients were required to wear a compression garment.

"The Bodyflow® electrodes impart some very gentle electrical energy to the tissues and this helps stimulate the lymphatic vessels to contract more forcefully and drain more effectively. If we can stop Lymphoedema that’s a win for the patient, if we can reverse it, that's even better". Professor Neil Piller, Lymphologist