Diabetic Foot Care

Poorly controlled blood sugar level can have the following effects in your feet:

  • Hardening of the arteries: decreased arterial blood flow.
  • Decreased arterial blood flow: poor skin and nail integrity, slow wound healing, higher risk of ulcerations, higher risk of toe or foot amputations.
  • Damages to the nerves:  decrease or loss of protective skin sensation, higher risk of ulcerations, decreased or loss of proprioception and balance, nerve symptoms (numbness, burning sensation, poorly described sensation/ discomfort or pain etc.).
  • Increased risk of infection with skin cuts or abrasion.
  • Increased risk of lower limb amputation.

The podiatrist at Living Life Sports Medicine provides diabetic foot assessments and education bi-annually for client's with diabetes:

  • Arterial flow assessment with a doppler ultrasound machine.
  • Nerve assessment for protective skin sensation with a 10g Monofilament.
  • Nerve assessment for proprioception with a graduated tuning fork.
  • General foot care: nails, skin etc. 
  • General foot health assessments. 
  • Education on the proper nail cutting techniques. 
  • Footwear assessment and advices.
  • Wound and ulcer managements. 
  • Daily foot care advices. 

The podiatrist at Living Life Sports Medicine will also work very closely with your GP to maintain your pedal health.