Exercise Physiology - to enhance sports performance

Exercise Physiologists are trained experts who assist sports people in achieving their best possible sporting performance. Exercise Physiologists evaluate, research, assess and advise on training, competition and recovery practices in all areas and levels of sport.

Exercise Physiologists work with teams and individual athletes to provide scientific support, both in preparation for and during competition. This can involve providing information from the most recent research, technical and practical support on training, injury prevention advice, technique analysis as well nutritional advice on supplementation.

Our Exercise Physiologists take an extensive history regarding your training regime as well as additional questions regarding your diet, sleep patterns, mental state, physical condition etc. They will then work with you to establish realistic goals and methods to implement them effectively. Our Exercise Physiologists will design a program based around your needs, so whether you’re a cyclist who wants to increase their speed on the bike or a swimmer wanting greater power off the blocks, we will happily assist you to reach your goals.

To book an appointment with Cormac Collins (Exercise Physiologist) or to discuss how he can benefit you, call (03) 9401 4400.